8 ball 2

Jeff Hagees is a former propulsion expert who worked for NASA. Apparently he loved (or some would say was addicted to) pool, which got him fired when his employers feared he was selling secrets to pay off his gambling debts. He stole an experimental next-gen suit and because of his love for pool took the name 8-Ball and went on a life of crime. He's crafty and surprisingly a skilled fighter, but weird most of the time.

Power & Abilities Edit

8-Ball doesn't have any actual powers or abilities. All of his offensive and defensive abilities came from the use of his weapons and equipment.

Physical Attributes & Skills Intelligence: Gifted (Just below genius)

Strength: Athletic (Strength Class over 200 lbs)

Speed: Athletic (Human level speed)

Stamina: Athletic

Agility: Athletic

Fighting Skills: Average (Level 2\no training\limited MA knowledge)

Special Skills & Abilities: Elite pool player, skilled gymnast, experienced designer of missile propulsion systems

Equipment Edit

Synthetic and bulletproof stretch fabric costume, metal 8-ball helmet.

Ball Bombs with various different effects (explosions,gas,fireworks,smoke)

Gallery Edit

Alternate design of 8-Ball with BIO
AoS 8ball by johnnyfive81

8-Ball by JohnnyFive081

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