Absorbing Man
Absorbing Man
Carl Creel, while under HYDRA's control
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Secret Warriors

Member of HYDRA (Formerly) Candidate for the Masters of Evil (Formerly)

Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6′ 4″
Weight Unknown
Carl Creel also known as the Absorbing Man was a street boxer, until he was brainwashed by HYDRA. He was then tasked with stealing the Diviner from the US Army and after touching it became infected with its properties. He temporarily gained control of this power, until Phil Coulson whom used the Overkill device, petrified Creel and handed him over to the US Army.

Because of the use of the Overkill device, all negative traces of the Diviner came forth, allowing Creel's DNA to fight off the process. Creel's brainwashing was removed by Glenn Talbot, who upon looking at Creel's struggles on the street growing up chose to give him a second chance. Creel was then appointed as Talbot's bodyguard during the meeting to discuss the issue of Inhumans. Talbot's faith in Creel was well placed as he assisted in freeing his son from HYDRA. Creel was later appointed as a member of the Secret Warriors, during their campaign against Hive

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Omni-morph Duplication:The Absorbing Man possesses the ability to bodily duplicate at will the physical properties of anything he touches or that touches him. 

Former Powers: Edit

  • Petrification: Creel temporarily gained the abilites of the Diviner when he made contact. Until Phil Coulson used the Overkill, this action caused all of the Diviner's attributes that were absorbed by creel to activate, shortly after Creel's system was able to remove the Diviner's attributes and he was free of the Weakness.