Ajak was a member of the first generation of Eternals, who acted as a line of communication between the Celestials and the Eternals. After Thanos's attack on Titan, Ajak went on to join Starfox in finding a way to bring an end to Thanos's reign of terror.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Levitation: Ajak is able to levitate (like all Eternals) by mentally manipulating gravitons (gravity particles) around him.
  • Flight: He is able to fly at approximately 650 miles per hour (1045 kph), an average rate of speed for his kind.
  • Increased Stamina: Does not tire from physical exertion due to his highly advanced metabolic processes.
  • Molecular Manipulation: Can also mentally manipulate molecules, an ability shared by a number of Eternals. As a Third level adept on a five level scale, Ajak can rearrange the molecules of a mass of up to 990 pounds (450 kg), the period of manipulation lasting up to a minute. He must have approximately an hour of recovery time before using this ability again.
  • Cosmic Life-Force: Like all Eternals, who long ago were endowed with a self-regenerating cosmic life-force, Ajak ages incredibly slowly, marking his lifetime in centuries rather than years. His powers of regeneration make him virtually impervious to harm. Only and injury of such magnitude that it disperses a major portion of his bodily molecules could cause death. The act of molecular manipulation causes an enormous drain on his cosmic life-force, rendering him more vulnerable than normal.

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