Andreas von Strucker and his twin sister Andrea were the children of HYDRA supremacist Baron Strucker, who saw great potential in their future. While still in-utero, the children were bio-engineered to have superpowers, however the project was a failure and the mother died a week before the proper labor time. With the data their father managed to get on powered individuals later on, he was able to get the twins powers to work, they gained the ability to fly and fire beams of concentrated plasma. After the death of their father, the twins planned to enact retaliation and went under Red Skull to accomplish their goals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Sympathetic Bio-Blasting: As a result of in utero genetic engineering, Andreas and his twin sister Andrea could project bio-energy discharges,Andreas could generate plasma-based concussive force blasts, while Andrea could generate disintegrative beams. His blasts can knock the Manhattan power-grid offline.

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