Asp Luca Pizzari

Asp by Luca Pizzari

The woman with the nom de plume of Cleo Neferi is a native-born Egyptian who moved to Harlem as a youth and gained work in the lower levels of the neighborhood as an exotic dancer due to her naturally gifted body-talents. She later discovered her special paralysis-inducing bio-electric generation ability through self-defense, which allowed her to use them in secret to bump off any unruly patrons in Cornell Stokes' nightclub. Cleo eventually signed up for work under HYDRA's secret enhancement/gifted program, the Serpine Solutions, on recommendation from a representative of Roxxon Oil named Burchell Clemens. Under the name of Asp, Cleo has participated in a few missions given to her by project director Seth Voelker.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Venom Bolts: Asp generates and projects 'venom bolts' of an unrevealed nature, this radiant energy can be expelled from her hands. She can adjust the potency of her venom to either temporarily paralyze or even kill (this power only affects living organisms). Prolonged or continued exposure to skin contact with Asp can prove fatal as her body secrets this venom through her pores. Projecting and focusing her power drains her energies which requires that she rebuild energy levels through swaying and undulating motions with her torso and limbs. As a dancer she as superb muscle control and is able to move in a manner that has been described as provocative and hypnotic. This has aptly been named her "snake-dance" while performing it - it can regenerate her energy within a matter of ten minutes.