Beetle 2

Leila Davis was married to Anthony Davis, the Ringer. Abner Jenkins, the Beetle, coerced him into attacking Spider-Man, who defeated him and locked him up.

Leila sought revenge on those that she blamed for her husbands imprisonment which included Spider-Man, and The Beetle.

Using tech left behind by her husband in their house, Leila made her own armor which was designated Beetle, since the original Beetle changed his name to Mach IV. It was during this time that Anthony Davis was broken out of prison by AIM operatives, and they later upgraded him. She then decided to work alongside her husband as they work to exact vengeance upon those who wronged them.

Abilities Edit

Thanks to her husband Leila has enough scientific knowledge to create armor similar to that of the Beetle Mark 1.

Equipment Edit

Beetle Armor 

Gallery Edit

Alternate design of Beetle
Beetle (Ultimate SpiderMan)

The Beetle (more comics-accurate yet modernized armor)

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