The being known as Binary was a Xandarian science officer operating on the exploration starship known as the Way-Opener, until it was destroyed by a fleet of Sakaaran Necrocrafts. She, and a Nova Corps member who was on the ship with her, were the only survivors as they were rescued by the cosmic entity Galactus and spared destruction in exchange for becoming his heralds. The two agreed, and were embued with the Power Cosmics, with the female Xandarian becoming Binary, the counterpart to the other transformed Nova Corpsmen, now known as Firelord.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Binary is able to generate heat, light, radiation and access all other forms of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum on an almost solar scale. She also had minor control over gravity. She could breathe in space and travel at the speed of light. After this link was severed, she could no longer do so on the level she once had. However, the capacity for this power still remains with her.

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