Black Cat
Black Cat
Black Cat - By Warren Manser
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Defenders

Member of the Sinister Six

Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10"
Weight 54 Kilograms
Felicia Hardy was the daughter of a well-known burglar that decided to inherit the familiar business dressing herself as a Black Cat to convince her adversaries that crossing with her brought bad luck. With the help of Spider-Man, Black Cat managed to stop most of her criminal activities and fight for good.

Biography Edit

Early Llife Edit

Felicia Hardy is an only child and was born to Lydia and Walter Hardy. They were a wealthy family living in Queens,New York. Her father was a “travel salesman” and would go away on many business trips, leaving her mother to raise Felicia mainly by herself. Her father would constantly encourage her to be the best at what she does. However, her mother was not satisfied with “her best” and always pushed Felicia to win first place. Felicia would find interest in extracurricular activities such as cheer leading and gymnastics.

Path to a Criminal Edit

When Felicia was thirteen years old, one day during cheer leading practice her mother informs her that her father had died in a plane crash over the Andes Mountains in South America. However, Felicia would eventually discover that her father was an infamous cat burglar in the newspapers, which allowed her to piece together the reason for her father’s “business trips.” One day, when Felicia was mugged, she learned of the excitement that comes in her father’s career. She decided to learn self defense and enrolled in a martial arts class. There, she was trained by Miyagi Kanryo in the Okinawan art of Goju Ryu. Felicia also took the time to learn how to pick locks and crack open safes.

Birth of the Black Cat Edit

As a freshman at Empire State University, she was date raped by her boyfriend, Ryan. Horrified and angered that he had stolen her life, and even though she knew the consequences, she decided that she was going to murder him. Felicia set her studies aside and underwent rigorous training, learning other different styles of fighting, and after several months was ready. She set out to find him, but he died in a car crash while he was drunk. She was angry that she could not fulfill her desire to kill him, so she decided to follow in her father's footsteps. Felicia then decided to make a costume and stole many valuable items. Felicia then decided to don the “Black Cat” identity because of a few reasons, cats have nine lives and land on their feet, crossing a black cat is bad luck, she is a cat burglar, she has a pet black cat named Onyx, and her father was the Black Cat 

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Thief: Felicia is a skilled (somewhat reformed) thief skilled in stealth, picking locks, escapology, evading alarms and cracking safes.
  • Olympic Level Athlete: She has reflexes, agility, and stamina of an Olympic level acrobat. She is physically very strong and athletic and has great physical endurance.
  • Olympic Acrobat: Felicia is particularly a skilled acrobat capable of many difficult feats.
  • Skilled Martial Artist: She has been trained in several martial arts; most notably Goju-ryu Karate and Judo which she specializes in. Felicia is capable of taking on several armed assailants and incapacitating them without being injured herself.