Black knight 2

Dane Whitman inherited his uncle Nathan's castle. He was unaware that his uncle had been the villainous Black Knight until finding notes and inventions. Eventually he became the Black Knight himself Taking the weapons Dane decided to be a hero, joining the Masters of Evil just as his uncle did, but with the intent of infiltrating them from within. This he did to aid the Avengers, but they did not trust him until he later assisted them against Thanos.

Abilities Edit

  • Gifted Scientist: Whitman started out as a scientist, though specializing in physics (having earned a Master's degree in physics), he is proficient in a wide array of advanced sciences and technologies, including genetic and mechanical engineering; and continues to approach things from a scientific perspective more often than not, despite his ties to the world of magic.
  • Expert Swordsman: Whitman is an excellent swordsman whose skills have allowed him to best the Swordsman in combat.
  • Magic Immunity: The Sword that Whitman is using is immune to magical powers, granting him an immunity to magic.
  • Skilled Martial Artist: He is an excellent fighter, able to hold his own against such highly skilled fighters as Captain America and Wolverine.
  • Expert Horseman: He is also an expert horseman.
  • Magical Knowledge: Whitman has become somewhat familiar with magic.
  • Skilled Tactician: He has also demonstrated good leadership skills as leader of the Avengers. He has strong strategic and tactical skills.