Black knight original

Technician and the direct descendant of Sir Percy, Nathan Garrett found his ancestor's tomb along with the Ebony Blade. Even though he is the descendant of Sir Percy, he was unworthy of wielding the ebony blade. Garrett left and devised an arsenal of medieval weapons and a specialized hover-cycle built in the style of a horse. Afterwards, Garrett negotiated a deal with HYDRA to receive a custom-built knight-based iron exoskeleton armor, and thus became the technocrat mercenary known as the first Black Knight, as well as one of the first members of the Masters of Evil.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Body Armor: The Black Knight wore a lightweight full-body suit of electrically-insulated steel-alloy chainmail that protected him from projectiles like 45-caliber bullets at close range; however, it didn't protect him from a long fall. Also, his helmet visor could emit a bright light to blind foes temporarily. The suit weighed about 60 pounds.

Gallery Edit

Black Knight (more comic accurate)

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