The being known as Bloodhawk was genetically altered with Eagle DNA while still in the womb by his father. The father intended for his son to be enhanced physically and perhaps to one of the first of a new breed of super humans. But, instead of creating a "better" human, Bloodhawk was born resembling a bird, and the geneticist's wife died during childbirth. Unwilling to raise the child, the geneticist abandoned the child in the forest and left it for dead.

Bloodhawk was soon discovered by the High Evolutionary who took him back to Wundagore and had him raised along with the other Ani Men.

At some point after that, Bloodhawk aided his savior in the great battle against the Avengers. Bloodhawk fought admirably but was captured and placed in deep custody after the battle.

Powers and Abilites Edit

  • Claws
  • Flight: Via Wings.
  • Super Strength

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