Bluestreak new

Bluestreak-with wheels in retract mode

Don Thomas was a spy who served as an operative of HYDRA, which wanted him to infiltrate SHIELD. S.H.I.E.L.D. later decided to put together their own group of Super-Agents code named Secret Warriors, and after infiltrating SHIELD he stole a massive amount of files relating to Deathlok's upgraded armor, and various other information. He then returned to HYDRA and with the intel he recovered, so that HYDRA was able to send designs to AIM and begin production of new cybernetic Supervillains. As a reward for his service he was given a suit under the alias Bluestreak.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

The Blue Streak used special armor as well as rocket-powered skates, enabling him to reach up to 125 miles per hour. The Blue Streak could also leap fair distances and even climb vertical surfaces. Retro-rockets in the toes enabled him to break instantly or travel backwards.

Gallery Edit


Bluestreak by Andy MacDonald

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