Cassie 2

Cassie in the future

Cassandra "Cassie" Lang is the daughter of Scott Lang, the current Ant Man.

In the future Cassie will follow her fathers footsteps and become a super hero. She takes on the name Stature and becomes a member of the Young Avengers.

Powers Edit

Stature has a suit with Pym Particles, that allows her the following abilities:

  • Size Reduction: Stature possessed the power to reduce herself to the size of an ant, approximately one-half inch in height.
  • Size Addition: Stature possessed the power to increase size to gigantic heights, requiring the rapid acquisition of body mass (presumably from an extradimensional source). This extra mass fortifies all of her cellular tissue, including her bones and muscles, enabling her to support her increased weight and giving her superhuman strength and durability. The exact limits of Stature's abilities were not initially determined, but it was later established that she can grow to around 250 feet (76 m) in height (even though she is not able to keep such a size for long before the strain forces her to shrink back down), It appeared to be linked to her emotional state, as her anger has caused her to increase on a few several occasions, and guilt caused her to shrink.