The Masters of Evil is one of the largest and longest-running alliances of super-villains in history, they are founded by Loki to serve as his private guards of his asgardian-muspellheim base in muspellheim and help HIM conquer All universes and dimensions and multiverses and multiensions and megaverses and megaensions and ultraverses and ultrarnsions and extraverses and extraensions and omniverses and omniensions and realities AND All existence with odin's power and powers,the Masters of evil are led by assorted criminal masterminds and the masters are led and their supreme leader is Loki: thor's brother and god of plagues and chaos and haloween and comprised of an ever-changing membership ranging from minor thugs to major menaces. In many ways, they are the criminal equivalent of the Avengers, the Masters' first and most frequent foes.


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