Charles Burlingame's father moved around a great deal and had trouble finding work, until he attended one of the first Sokovian rally's, where he was recruited into HYDRA. Arnim Zola discovered that the operatives son Charlie possessed the genetic potential to develop superhuman powers and supervised the youngster's transformation into Charcoal, the Burning Man.

Years later Charcoal joined the Thunderbolts, but later decided that he wanted to leave the group, and as a result he was subsequently killed in battle with Graviton.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Charcoal-like Form: Charlie Burlingame can transform into a being seemingly composed of charcoal.

  • Heat Manipulation: He has the ability to manipulate heat.
  • Carbon Form: He can reshape himself into any carbon form, including flaming incendiary or rock-hard diamond.
  • Form Manipulation: He can change his size and shape, and can even stretch his appendages while fighting.
  • Healing Factor: While in the form of Charcoal, Charlie can heal himself from most damage, including holes blown through him.
  • Flight: He has the ability to fly.

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