Claire Voyant 2

Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant is a frequent alias used by a former member of the Red Room Academy, initially going by the name Anya.

Biography Edit

Anya was at some point in her life drafted into the Red Room Academy. While there she became friends with another student in the program. One day they were putted against each other and were meant to fight to the death. During the fight Yelena got the upper hand and decided to kill snap Anya's neck in order to pass the test.

Anya's soul was then sent to the Underworld where her soul would reside for the rest of eternity. However Mephisto, retrieved her soul from the multitude of others and seeing the misery and pain through her life, saw an opportunity to create an agent of chaos. Mephisto then created a new body for Anya and told her that in exchange for her services she may avenge her death against the ones who had killed her in the first place. Anya accepted Mephisto's offer to become one of his agents of chaos. From there he bestowed upon her the power to kill with a single touch to the head of her victim, as well as other mystical powers. Afterwards he sends her back to Earth to avenge her death.

Anya then travels back to the Red Room to slaughter the candiadates of the Academy, but before she did she realized that the students were as much victims as she was, and so she proceeded to kill her former instructor thus killing the woman who sought her dead.

When she avenged her own death Anya embraced her title of Black Widow, and returned to the Underworld where Mephisto tasks her with expediting the process of sending the souls of evil men to Hell.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Demonic Physique: Claire Voyant is a raised demon, a soul granted a diabolical body in order to do her master's sinister work. Her demonic form is immune to the effects of most ordinary weapons.
  • Fire Generation: The Black Widow can spontaneously generate fire from her body.
  • Essential Vampirism: As a demonic life form, The Black Widow can feed upon the essence of living beings to maintain her existence. She could kill with a single touch.
  • Dimensional Aperture: The Black Widow has demonstrated the ability to travel to and from the earthly plane from Hell, under her own power.
  • Philosophical Awareness:The Black Widow can sense whether or not a person has a good, evil, ordered, chaotic, or balanced mindset, just by looking at them.
  • Healing Power: In at least once instance, the Black Widow showed the ability to heal others when she used her powers to restore the recently amputated leg of a young boy.