Cornell stokes cottonmouth

Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth I

Cornell Stokes, also known as Cottonmouth, was a nightclub owner in Harlem who dealt in illegal operations. He was among the many crime lords emerging from the shadows in the wake of the Kingpin's first arrest to try and acquire some of Fisk's lost territory for the gain of the Stokes-Dillard Crime Family, or rather his own gain. Cornell's schemes soon began to unravel following a failed gun sale, leading him into conflict with Luke Cage and making them bitter enemies. Eventually, Stokes would lose everything in his possession due to his failure to keep the business running: from his criminal even his own life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

(To be edited concerning his comics counterpart's distinguishing facial equipment and the abilities of Burchell Clemens' Cottonmouth.

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