Cowled Commander

The Cowled Commander

Brian Muldoon was a dirty NYPD Sergeant who acted as one of Wilson Fisk's top cops on his payroll. Once the FBI managed to gather intel on Fisk's operations, Muldoon was able to cover up his involvement and laid low for a few weeks. Once things had started to cool down, he reemerged and turned to a life of crime to take over where Fisk had failed. He began taking command of a large group of either highly skilled or enhanced criminals and assuming the guise of the hooded "Cowled Commander". Muldoon then created a crime-wave of looting in New York City.

His schemes were eventually found out and Muldoon and his allies were captured by Captain America and the Falcon, with initial aid from Daredevil

Muldoon soon became fascinated with destroying Captain America, as the Super-Soldier had followed his schemes for far too long. This has led him to be recruited by HYDRA as one of their connections to the underworld of New York.

Abilities Edit

Standard police training, and leadership skills

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