Crimson commando

Frank Bohannon was a war veteran who during his service released criminals and hunted them in the wilderness of Iraq. he killed the criminals, both to reduce the criminal element in society and for the enjoyment of hunting them. As a result of his cruel hunts, he was dishonorably discharged.

After he was discharged he was approached by HYDRA operatives who offered him a chance to be made into one of HYDRA's top hunters. He accepted and then underwent numerous cybernetic procedures, after which he was given the alias Crimson Commando.

Abilities Edit

Commando was a cybernetic enhanced soldier who was given a robotic right arm and legs that can walk up the side of buildings, and his right eye was replaced with an optical sensor able to see beyond the range of normal human vision.

Because of his enhancements his body is kept at peak human physical perfection (though below superhuman levels). He also seemed to have enhanced resistance to injury.

The Crimson Commando also has been equipped with a experimental neural blocker which makes him impossible to lock-onto psychically. He cant be fooled by telepathic illusions and telepaths could not sense his presence psychically.

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