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Cybertek Corporations is a technological development company that division Cybertek Technologies developed a robotic leg as part of "Project Deathlok". Project Deathlok was started in 1990 for its first test subject, John Garrett, creating cybernetic parts to replace what he lost in an IED explosion.

Mike Peterson was one of the newest Deathlok subjects and Once the Cybertek leg had been fully grafted to his stump, Peterson acted on orders of the Clairvoyant to kill the remaining security escorts that had delivered the leg.

Coulson's team later assaulted Cybertek's New Mexico facility to stop Garrett. While Coulson and Agent Triplett commandeered an armored carrier to provide a distraction, May and Skye infiltrated the Centipede soldier control center, with the intended effect of having the soldiers reverted to default directive, to defend Garrett at all costs. May then ushered the soldiers' handlers out of the room while Skye interrogates the boss, Kyle Zeller, whose own wife was being held captive to use against him. After Garrett's defeat, Coulson's team liberates all the captives under Cybertek's "Incentives Program".

After the end of Project Deathlok, Cybertek was then bought by AIM and they continued HYDRA's cybernetic research.

Projects Edit

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