Daddy Long-Legs
Ramsey Kole
Vital statistics
Position -Employee of Kingpin
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 15' 0"
Weight Unknown
Ramsey Kole was a talented dancer whose small stature held him back from being cast in shows. Desperate, he approached a former scientist from Cross Technologies and asked if he would submit him to the Pym Particle serum that would be used to change the user's size. As the formula was untested, however, the scientist refused. Kole kicked the hapless scientist unconscious and drank down several beakers of solutions he found in the lab in the hopes that one was the growth formula. He fled the scene, and was initially pleased to grow to six feet in height. He was distressed, however, to find that he continued to grow, to a height of 15' tall. However, because he'd mixed different substances together, although Kole's strength was also boosted, his musculature wasn't, giving him a long, spindly appearance. He bitterly regretted turning himself into a freak.

Donning a top hat and tails and dubbing himself Daddy Longlegs, Kole invaded the stage of a packed theatre mid-performance and began dancing. When the audience started to laugh at his odd appearance, an enraged Kole prepared to attack them, but was interrupted by Luke Cage, alerted earlier to the crime scene by the Pym Tech scientist, who led him out to the parking lot to fight. He proved to be a surprisingly able combatant, but when he broke his cane in half, he was distracted enough for the hero to grab his hand and give out a super-punch, knocking him out. Binding him with a metal fence, Luke Cage was surprised when Kole broke down, bemoaning both his now freakish appearance, and his former life as a failed dancer. While Luke Cage debated with himself whether to turn him over to the police, a psychiatric hospital, or to the higher-ups at Pym Technologies, Kole was abducted by an agent of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, and forcibly made to serve as a super-criminal henchmen for the Kingpin's enterprises.

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