Daniel Whitehall
Daniel Whitehall (Earth-199999) 001
Daniel Whitehall
Vital statistics
Position High Ranking Member of HYDRA
Age 110
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 6' 1"
Weight Unknown
Dr. Werner Reinhardt is a member of Hydra as far back as World War II. He was a student of its leader johann Schmidt the red skull and studied the Diviner and its potential. He was later captured by the SSR and locked up. He was then broken out after growing old and performed experiments on a Inhuman to gain the ability of longevity and his youthful appearance.he then took the name Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall went on to become one of HYDRA's leaders for 30 years, earning himself the code name Kraken. In 2014 Whitehall regained control of the Diviner and attempted to use it to cause a extinction level event. He was however shoot by Phil Coulson.

return from death and new plans

How ever though presumed dead hydra agents that were sent to collect his body discovered it gone in reality werner had some how survived his wounds and after escaping the movie theater soon healed having finally gotten free of his obsession and after hive was destroyed and red skull returned alive whitehall reunited with his long through dead leader and after making a beal with the jester begun recruting a army to aid hydra with it's on going mission of domination

Powers and Abilities Edit

Longevity: By using the organs and blood of the Inhuman Jiaying, he was able to revert himself back to his middle aged self and maintain that age for the following several decades.

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