Paxton Page

Paxton Page

Paxton Page was the father of Karen Page, working for Union Allied Construction as a consultant on using alternate energy efficient methods for construction. However, the company's leader, Wilson Fisk, wasn't entirely keen on the idea of using such methods for his operations, considering that he was in fact planning to use the company simply as a front for his nefarious activities and that he didn't want constructive operations to actually be going on while he made his bid to conquer Hell's Kitchen. So, Fisk had Paxton fired from his job, while Karen would later sign on as a secretary and ultimately get involved in the entire turn of events with Daredevil.

As for Paxton, while he hid away in his house in depression, he was eventually approached by other research scientists led by Mitchell Carson, who offered him a chance to redeem his honor and get revenge on Fisk in the process. Without thinking of the consequences, Paxton made a deal with the devil himself and became a scientist unwittingly in league with HYDRA. He used his research delving into alternate energy efficient devices, as well as studies made in observing the infamous Ghost Rider, the various fear-inducing chemicals concocted by Mister Fear, and the research notes conducted by Ralph Roberts on cobalt radiation, to create a masked suit of body armor similar in appearance to that of a motorcycle rider and an ancient Aztec mummy, armed with specialized iron gauntlets loaded with various forms of radiation energy generators and fear-toxin pellets. The newly monikered Death's Head thus set forth to make a living as a bounty hunter under the employ of any crime lord willing to accept his services for the right price.

The first Black Knight, Nathan Garrett, later supplied Paxton one of his spare horses from his private stable, and had it coated in a thin paint of fear-toxin, making sure it did not succumb to fear itself, but enabling it so that Paxton's victims who had inhaled fear-toxin into their systems would see the horse apparently in the form of a ghostly skeleton horse coated in flames.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Death's Head could manipulate cobalt radiation, which he could project as fireballs at others. He could also cover weapons with this energy, and could irradiate and mutate other creatures with it, like his horse.

Transportation Edit

Death's Head rode a horse that he had mutated with cobalt radiation.

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