Death Stalk 2

The Death-Stalker/Phillip Wallace Sterling

Phillip Wallace Sterling is the last member of an old, wealthy and prestigious family that had lived in America for centuries. His family over the years managed to make the company known as Staticorp, often with making investments deals with HYDRA. One day an assistant by the name of Tobias Ford caused an accident that killed three employees, and drew Philip and Tobias into the portal. Because of Philip's HYDRA connections, they covered up his death.

Philip and Tobias then spent time learning to control their new abilities to teleport. After a while they both gained dominance over it, however while Tobias eventually decided to remain in the realm known as "hell", Philip used his powers to return to Earth.

Phil then formed a suit through a collection of his family's war history including the Civil War, and WW2. He then called himself the Death Stalker, and Sterling turned to crime, during which he made frequent deals with AIM and HYDRA.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the Death-Stalker, Sterling ordinarily existed in an interdimensional realm lying close to Earth's dimension. From this dimension he could observe Earth without being seen. He could also temporarily materialize on Earth, either as an intangible "phantom" or as a solid figure. He could materialize on Earth for up to five hours but must rest in his interdimensional realm for at least that much time before returning. Sterling could also "teleport" by moving quickly thrugh his interdimensional realm, then reappearing on Earth an equal distance away. The accident that left him with this ability also radically altered his appearance into a chalk-white skin.

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