Deathbird is the older sister of Lilandra Neramani and D'Ken. When she was denied of the throne she attempted to claim it by deception. This led to her being exiled from her home world. She later arrived on Earth to recieve repairs to her ship but was later intercepted by some of Earth's heroes. In an attempt to escape them she formed an alliance with AIM so that in exchange for protection and repairs to her ship, they would receive advanced tech. After she left Earth she found the race known as the Brood and became their leader. Later on she made a deal with Thanos to take back the throne.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Berserker: Deathbird can go berserk to increase her endurance and fighting skills, but only once per day.
  • Claws: Deathbird has claw-like nails that can be used in fight, except when flying.
  • Natural winged flight, able to reach 63 mph. Maximum 6 hours of flight, without extra weight. Maximum load, 330 pounds. Notably, she must have her arms free, but she might use her hands while flying. Her wings are sharp spurs that can be used to fight while on flight.

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