Death prime

John Garrett was a HYDRA. agent uncover inside SHIELD and Grant Ward's former Supervising Officer, during the SHIELD Civil War John is revealed to be working with HYDRA and is the mysterious head of the Centipede Group, the Clairvoyant, and was the first Deathlok, also known as Deathlok Prime.

After SHIELD fell he tried to recreate GH-325, a drug which contained Kree DNA, In order to save his life. He was later injected with the serum but as a side effect he became insane and began to exaggerate about the Inhuman's rising. He was nearly killed by the new Deathlok, but survived and put on a new suit of armor. Before he could use it however, he was killed by Phil Coulson.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Thanks to the recreated GH.325 serum, Garrett's body has access to the full capabilities of the Centipede serum, granting him super strength and an unclear power consisting of super-intelligence and/or precognition.

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