Devil hulk by sleeptank-d625kzs

Devil Hulk by Sleeptank- Daddy's Home!

Brian David Banner is the father of Bruce Banner, who goes by the alias Devil Hulk.

Biography Edit

Brian Banner was an alcoholic who married his college sweetheart: Rebecca Banner, and had a son named Bruce. Brian is known to have a violent past. He and his mother were physically and emotionally abused by his father. One night Brian gets more drunk then usual and in a violent rampage murders his wife while their son watched in horror.

Brian was then taken to the courthouse and sentenced to death. Brian was hooked up to the electric chair and from there shocked to death. Brian's body was then placed in a cemetery for the rest of Eternity, or so they thought.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Phychological Metaphysical Conversion: Or in plain English, Brian is as powerful as Bruce perceives him as being. Since Bruce as a child saw his father as an all powerful evil monster that is what he became. While feared by his son Brian was easily able to overpower the Hulk family and shoot green fire blasts.