Docotor bong

Lester Verde was a student to the High Evolutionary who later went out on his own and became a AIM scientist who specialized in genetics and sonics, he would later become the criminal Doctor Bong.

Abilities Edit

  • Doctor Bong possesses knowledge of genetic engineering advanced far beyond the scope of contemporary mainstream science. Using this knowledge he has transformed normal animals into sentient, semi-humanoid beings, (Second only to the High Evolutionary), and could even create clones.
  • He also has advanced knowledge of sonics.

Equipment Edit

  • Doctor Bong wheres a suit similar to that of the High Evolutionary though instead of giving him all the abilites the Evolutionary had, Lester's abilites have been limited to:
    • Animal Telepathy: Communication with Animals.
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Sound Manipulation

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