Doctor Druid

Doctor Druid

Anthony Ludgate was a psychiatrist who sought to learn the ancient powers of his ancestral Druids. He gave psychology lectures when not studying the occult. Knowing that the Druids kept no written records, he became interested in the Tibetan monks after hearing they had an oral tradition. Thinking that perhaps the secrets had been passed on, or that he could recreate them by learning the methods used by the monks, he sought out an old shaman-woman who in actuality was the Ancient One. 

The Ancient One was more interested in seeking a worthy successor than hearing tales of the Celts. She unlocked Anthony's mystic potential and taught him a number of spells. Anthony left and decided to become Dr. Druid.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Ritual Magic-Druid possessed extensive knowledge of ancient ritual magic practiced by his Celtic ancestors. He was also fluent with Oriental mysticism passed on to him by the Ancient One.
  • Oriental Mysticism powers include voice manipulation (to appear somewhere else) and movement at the "speed of thought."
  • Magic Detection-Druid could innately sense magic
  • Mesmerism/Hypnotism-Druid could control what others see, hear, and do as long as their minds were less adept than his own.
  • Body Control-through yoga like practices Druid could control his body functions to a high degree, such as tightening his muscles to better resist bullets.
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis- Druid was capable of levitating himself or other objects.
  • Nature Control- Manipulate plants, animals, and the elements with 'all the terrible power' of the Druids.

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