Doctor Spectrum

Kenji in his modified Spectrum suit

Dr. Kenji Obatu worked as a scientist at AIM when the Squadron Supreme were captured by the Avengers. During which time the original Doctor Spectrum's suit and powersource were taken and sent to the vault to be experimented on. Using his HAMMER connections Norman Osborn was able to ship the materials to AIM where Dr. Obatu began work on the suit. When he finished Kenji Obatu became the new Doctor Spectrum and a member of the Squadron Sinister.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

Power Prism: Joe used to wield the Power Prism which he was able to manipulate via his armor allowing him to control multicolored light-based energies through force of will. The energies can be used for blasts, shields, or solidified to make shapes such as containers. He can also use these energies for flight and intangibility. He can use the energy to take over mechanical devices.