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Doombot - by rickyryan

Doombot #165 was initially one of the various drones that were under the control of Doctor Doom. While in conflict with the Avengers, this doombot was taken and brought back to the Avengers HQ intact to be used as a trap for Doom. Tony Stark would then hack into the drone's operating system and take control of the drone for the trap. Vision hypothesized that Doom had safeguards in place within the drone and so, he implanted his A.I code into the Doombot thus giving him the potential for sentience.

When the Doombot was sent back to Latveria Doom investigated the drone and discovered Stark's tampering. Doom then hacked into the Doombot's frequency and insulted Stark for believing he could decieve him. Doom then ordered the Doombot incinerated. Along the way the Doombot appeared to be moving without commands from Doom or Stark, then it quickly got up and destroyed the surrounding Doombot's. #165's Artificial Intelligence program had just kicked in and it allowed him to become sentient. The Doombot then contacted Vision and let him know the status of his escape, at the surprise of the rest of the team. Vision then explained his reasons and after debate chose to use the Doombot to gather any valuable information on Doom it could find.

After returning to the HQ Doombot delivered the only file he was able to remove in the time frame he had which included the plans for a series of weapons Doom was preparing to build. In recognition of this Doombot's intel, the Avengers chose to give him a chance to redeem himself as a member of the Avengers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Robotic construction providing him an armor and general immunity to mental, emotional and illusion attacks - although he is susceptible to machinery-affecting and psionic attacks that can disrupt his logic functions:

  • Force Lightning: All the Doombot can shoot lightning from their gauntlets similar to Doom's attack.
  • Jetpack: Doombot has jet packs allowing them flight.
  • Parabolic Hear Aidings: Doombothas been seen using this device to detect unusual frequencies and very weak sounds.
  • Self-Repair: Small mechanic limbs and tools in the head of every Doombot allow them to re-construct the rest of the body. This allows the robot to infiltrate in enemy fortresses: The pieces are sent through a different way, and the head builds the body in minutes.
  • Electricity Discharge: Doombot can generate an electric shock that can only be used at point-blank range. Enemies are usually knocked down with this attack.
  • Infrared Scanner: Doombot can to detect heat sources, including invisible humans. Only fighting Doombots have been seen using this.

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