Dorian Murdstone
Dorian Murdstone - While Interning at NASA
Vital statistics
Position -Intern for Project Distant Star Run
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 6"
Weight 160 lbs
Dorian Murdstone was an employee at Project Distant Star Return at NASA under the employment of Gideon Malick. He was well known in his home neighborhood as a recluse who would chase off any kid who entered his property. Murdstone's job within the project was to study the Monolith and discover a possible way for continued safe passage in and out of the planet Maveth, which would allow for the Hive Worm to escape and possess a host to regain control over HYDRA. When the project was temporarily put on hold due to the disappearance of Will Daniels and his team, Murdstone went out into hiding so that NASA could not figure out his connection to HYDRA. He eventually acquired a lost Asgardian artifact from fellow agent Nathan Dollay, which took the form of a small box that contained various magical gems that would allow anyone who opened it to summon Asgardian/Muspelheim/Jotunheim monsters from legend at their own leisure under their command. Murdstone, seeing valuable use in the Asgardian Box for HYDRA's plans, presented it to Malick in the hopes that he would be payed handsomely for his efforts. However, Malick, while seeing a potential use in the Pandora Summon Gems contained within the box for creating soldiers to give to Hive as an army, figured that it would be more effective to use the newly-risen and possibly more powerful Inhumans to tie back with HYDRA's origins as worshipers of the Dark Inhuman. Malick thus put away the box for future storage...and had Kebo assassinate Murdstone to keep him from possibly spilling his connections to the authorities.

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