Elektra Natchios
Vital statistics
Position Member of The Hand

Member of the Chaste (Formerly)

Age Unknown
Status Alive (Revived)
Physical attributes
Height 5′ 5″
Weight Unknown
Elektra Natchios is a highly skilled martial artist trained by Stick to combat The Hand. She is the ex-girlfriend of Matthew Murdock.

Biography Edit

Hiding the Truth Edit

Elektra Natchios was born as a Black Sky, one of The Hand's most devastating weapons. At an unknown point in time, Elektra was taken from the Hand by Stick and trained by the Chaste. Elektra grew up being disliked by her fellow students because of her true nature. When Elektra was young, Stick sent her to live with a rich couple who could not bare a daughter as part of a mission. In 2005, Stick assigned Elektra to help Matt Murdock overcome his need to have a normal life and join the Chaste, yet she came to fall in love with him and became her girlfriend. After revealing her true nature to Matt, he rejected Elektra and she returned to Stick.

The Threat Emerges Edit

Ten years later, The Hand would begin their plans to reclaim Elektra and gain control of New York and beyond. Elektra worked alongside her Ex to thwart the Hand's immediate advance. This lasted until Elektra was betrayed by Stick who realized that she needed to be destroyed so the Hand could not triumph. Elektra then tried to kill Stick, but ultimately put that need aside to stop the Hand with Daredevil at her side. During the final battle, Elektra was stabbed by Nobu and died after saying goodbye to Matthew.

Resurrection Edit

Elektra's body was recovered by The Hand following her funeral, and she was placed in one of their sacred instruments for resurrection. During the process, the Hand used performed a ritual to corrupt her soul and turn her into the monster she was supposed to be, and upon being revived became a slave to the Hand. Operating in the shadows, Elektra now works for the Hand and they even now plan for the demise of Daredevil, the Chaste and all those who oppose them however elektra soon decided to led the organisation her self and killed the hands leader Alexandra Reid but in the final battle against the defenders she finally came to her seances and gave her life to allow her former lover to escape before the headquarters collapsed.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Martial Artist: Elektra was trained in martial arts by Stick to become a warrior of the Chaste. Elektra employs a mixed martial arts that derive elements of Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and Okinawan martial arts such as sai fighting.
  • Master Assassin: Elektra has assassinated many people on behalf of the Chaste. Some of her marks include a pilot in Buenos Aires, a lawyer in Berlin, and at least six people in Morocco.
  • Multilingualism: Elektra speaks Greek, English, Japanese and French fluently.

Equipment Edit

  • Sai