Eric O'Grady
Evil Ant
Vital statistics
Position Agents of HYDRA

Agent of SHIELD (Formerly)

Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight 84 Kilograms
Eric O'Grady was a low-level Agent of SHIELD who in reality was an Agent of HYDRA who was stationed in the reconnaissance department of the organization.and is the third man to use the superhero code name Ant Man. After Mitchell Carson returned to HYDRA with the stolen Pym Particles, they began to develop a new version of the Ant Man suit. When the prototype was finished SHIELD attacked the facility, During which time Eric saw a opportunity, and so he stole the prototype and took the name Ant Man. Eric later spent some time on the Thunderbolts as a means for redemption. After the Thunderbolts disbanded, with some convincing from Jolt Eric enlisted for Avengers membership. Afterwards Captain America decided to give Eric a second chance, but told him "there would not be a third".

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Pym Particles Ant-Man is able to reduce himself to the size of an ant, approximately one-half inch in height, by means of a rare group of sub-atomic particles, the source of which is as yet unknown, which he is able to contain in magnetic-field "canisters" (the shape of the magnetic lines of force were made visible by the confined particles, whose concentration caused them to behave like a gas).
    • These particles, whose wavelength is in the mental range when released, allow Ant-Man to will himself and other objects to reduce in size or enlarge. The mechanics involved having most of the mass of the nucleus of each affected atom convert into energetic particles which take up orbit around the nucleus - thus, although gravitons do not affect these particles, the mass of the original volume remains intact.
    • This means a punch delivered by the half-inch high Ant-Man would feel like the blow of a normal-sized man. Ant-Man's reducing particle has no time limit to its potency.

Equipment Edit

  • Ant-Man Suit
  • Ant-Man's Helmet