Eve -

Eve is an android created by the High Evolutionary in Wundagore, modeled after the Vision.

She was meant to lure Vison into falling in love with her. After which the Vision would be captured and used to create 100's of androids just like him so that the High Evolutionary would have a synthetic army the likes of which not even the royal army army of the Inhumans could defeat. Despite her trickery of Vision, Eve still fell in love with him. So when the army was complete Eve broke Vision free and together stopped their children before they could be controlled by the High Evolutionary.

Eve then decided that in order to escape the High Evolutionary, she would need to take her "children" to another corner of the Universe where they could build their own society. Eve then offered Vision a place with them but he rejected. Vision said that he felt their was something keeping him there. After this Eve left Earth and voyaged with their children to parts unknown.

Eve later contacted Vision. and showed him images of the world she had found for the children.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Eve's body has been modeled after the Vision, so in addition she has all of his capable powers.

  • Density Manipulation: Eve is capable of altering her own density making him able to phase through solid objects.
    • Enhanced Strength: Eve can increase her physical strength, by raising her own density.
    • Levitation: Eve is capable of hovering in the air, by lowering her own density below the density of the atmosphere.
    • Intangibility: Eve is capable of intangibility, by lowering her own density below the density of the object she is phasing through.
    • Self-Sufficiency: As an android created by the High Evolutionary, Eve doesn't have a stamina, therefore she can never get tired unless she gets weakened.
    • Technology Interface: Eve is able to hack into various forms of computer databases and download information.
    • Shapeshifting: Eve has the ability to at least partially shape-shift.
    • Energy Beams: Eve is able to project intense energy beams through her hands.

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