An Evolutionary

The Evolutionaries are a species of cosmic enhanced neanderthals that are dedicated to the Evolution of humanity.

History Edit

2.7 million years ago, the beings that would become the Evolutionaries, a race existing prior to mankind on the evolutionary tree, were hunted by predators until the Eternal Phastos took pity on them and, using his creative abilities, created armor for them powered by cosmic rays, while restoring injured members to health using nanotechnology and increasing their intelligence and also giving them the ability to enter a dormant state to wait between periods of evolution. Given the task of safeguarding the species farthest along the evolutionary track and protecting them from those who would target them simply for being an aberration, they sought to protect mankind as they evolved, eradicating Australopithecus sediba, and saving the first human children born to them, in order to ensure the days of Homo sapiens.

Eons later, they showed themselves to the Inhuman royal family, informing them they were there to ensure the survival of Inhomo Supremis. After a brief battle with the Inhumans, the Evolutionaries sought the help of the High Evolutionary and Magneto's growing Brotherhood, viewing them as the leaders of all Inhuman kind. In order for them to unite the species, they sought out the newly transformed telepath Emma Frost, who could be used to connect to a device constructed by the High Evolutionary to locate all forms of Inhumans across the planet called Cerebro.

Soon afterwards the Avenger Quicksilver, who had recently begun acting undercover within the Brotherhood, informed them of Magneto, the Brotherhood, and the Evolutionaries' plans. They were too late as Emma had began connecting with every Inhuman mind on the planet.

Opposed by the Avengers and the High Evolutionary's own subjects, the Evolutionaries were assaulted by a device created by Bruce Banner, shutting off their access to cosmic rays and accidentally killing all but one of them. When Cyclops and other former members of the Brotherhood vowed to protect Inhumankind, the remaining Evolutionary left, but not before erasing the memory of their presence from the minds of the Avengers and Brotherhood (with the acception of the High Evolutionary who he considered a true ally) and would one day return.

Years later, the Evolutionary returned and created artificial Evolutionaries to act as his soldiers. However, this time the High Evolutionary modified their armors so that they would not be weakened by Banner's device. The Evolutionaries were again determined to eradicate those they've deemed "tainted."

Powers and Abilities Edit

Flight; Capable of firing destructive blasts; Some can fire fiery blasts.

Avengers stated that they should be considered an Extinction Level Threat.

Level of Technology: Eternals-level

Representatives: Evolutionary

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