Fabian Cortez
Fabian Cortez - Portrayed by Özgür Çevik
Vital statistics
Position -Member of Max's Brotherhood
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 5"
Weight 214 lbs
Fabian Cortez was a test subject of the High Evolutionary, who in 2015 was recruited into the Brotherhood. After Fabian was transformed it was discovered that his ability was to augment the abilities of others around him to often dangerous levels. This led Fabian to often use his power to manipulate others around him to fight humanity on various points just for the purpose of weakening Magneto's forces so that he may gain control and overthrow Magneto as the High Evolutionary's second in command. However this was discovered by the High Evolutionary who informed Magneto, who in turn killed Fabian before he could make his move. Fabian's body was delivered to the High Evolutionary by Magneto, once the High Evolutionary had it he used Fabian's DNA to enhance his subjects to new levels.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Power Augmentation Manipulation: Cortez had the ability to augment the powers of other Artificial Inhumans, often to dangerous levels. Cortez could also use his power to read genetic code and harm other mutants while appearing to heal them. He may also have had some control over his own power's energy field, possibly being able to constrict it around a foe.