Benny Tibbets, was a soldier who, along with a platoon of soldiers, were exposed to a gamma bomb explosion test. Tibbets was the sole survivor. He was transformed into a Hulk-like creature with superhuman strength. The only differences were that Flux looked more misshapen, his forehead and joints significantly more pronounced, and his transformation was more erratic, parts of him sometimes transforming while the rest of him remained human. Flux was then taken to SHIELD to be cured of his gamma exposure. However after SHIELD fell, Flux was then smuggled out of his holding area and sent to an AIM facility where he would then be manipulated by the Leader to be an agent of AIM.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like the Hulk, Flux is also a gamma creature. His abilities includes superhuman strength. Unlike the Hulk he is unable to become stronger as he becomes angrier. It is unknown whether he has the ability to jump vast distances like the Hulk

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