Force 2

Clay Wilson was a young inventor who worked as a teaching assistant at Empire State University. Desiring money and power, Clay stole a professor's experimental force field device and crafted a suit of armor, using the technology to become the super-villain known as Force.

While working for AIM, Clay fought the hero Iron Man. Many people died during his assults, causing Force to regret the choice he made in working for AIM. Iron Man later believed that Clay truly wanted to redeem himself and so in order to protect Clay from being killed by Assassins, Clay faked his death and went on to work for Iron Man by the new name Carl Walker.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Force Armor: Walker uses the Force armor. The armor uses powerful forcefields and force beams, as well as generating an EMP. While the original version was given to Stark, Walker built a new version and has used it on occasion recently.

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