Vital statistics
Position Member of the Masters of Evil
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 7"
Weight 325 lbs
Edward Cobert was a former SHIELD academy student who after SHIELD fell, went on to work for Cross Technologies as a scientist who would be hired by HYDRA to reproduce the Cross Particle serum that was originally recovered by Mitchell Carson following the battle with Ant-Man. However, due to the flawed nature of Cross Particles, Edward ended up mutating himself into a giant with heavy mental instability, causing him to rampage across the facility until Ant-Man was called in along with some of Phil Coulson's SHIELD team and the Falcon to take him down and placed him under SHIELD custody under heavy sedation in the Vault.

Edward was soon broken out of prison by the Crimson Cowl, who managed to shrink him to normal size in a chamber designed to suppress the effects of Cross Particles, and rid him of his mental condition. In order to ensure his state would remain permanent, she supplied the former scientist with a modified Giant-Man - Hulk suit for him to wear so that he may grow and shrink as he pleases while retaining his normal intelligence He was thus given the name of Gargantua and has since employed his services to the Intelligencia and Baron Zemo's Masters Initiative.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Size Manipulation: Thanks to artificial cellular enhancement, Gargantua possesses the ability to draw upon mass from another dimension in order to grow or shrink in stature and strength.