The being known as Garokk was half a millennium ago, an explorer searching for a new passage around the south pole who's vessel crashed on an iceberg, leaving only him to survive. When he washed up in the Savage Land, he believed himself in hell. Thirsty and fatigued, he wandered across the island until he came across a patch of terrigen crystals left behind by the Kree. Garrok then made contact and in the process and because of his Inhuman ancestry he became made of Stone and Immortal. After centuries of living on the Savage Land Garokk had become king and one of Ka-Zar's greatest enemies.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Garokk is immortal: he does not age and even when killed, he can be returned to life. His petrified body also makes him difficult to injure. Garokk can fire beams of energy from his eyes. These beams can be heat, light, concussive force or can even open dimensional portals, capable of transporting an entire city. He can also turn his entire body into energy. Garokk has some mental connection to his followers. Garrok can also manipulate matter on a sub-atomic scale, he could rearrange the very fabric of the Savage Land.

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