Glob 2

The Glob - Joseph Timms

Joseph Timms was a former SHIELD lab worker stationed in the Florida Everglades during the events of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War. When that occurred, the HYDRA agents in the facility attacked him, intending to keep him silent about their operations. Timms managed to fight them off for as long as he could, but as he retreated into a nearby swamp for safety, he was shot in the back and died immediately afterwards, his body floating belly up in the swamp water.

His corpse was eventually recovered by several HYDRA agents and brought to Baron Strucker's headquarters for genetic experimentation, where it was submerged repeatedly in a tank of gamma irradiated serum mixed with swamp plants. The gamma serum mutated and resurrected Timms' body into a mindless golem-like creature known as the Glob, who soon fell under the control of the Chitauri Scepter to serve Strucker as a member of the "Miracle Project".

When Strucker's operation was taken down the Glob became free and what remained of Joseph Timms wanted to make up for what he did under Strucker's control.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Glob possesses super strength of Class 100 level, with appropriately superhuman levels of stamina and endurance. Although his intelligence originally seemed to be significantly reduced from his human level, he seems now seems to have recovered a great deal of his mental faculties. He has demonstrated a limited ability to reconstitute his body after it has been dismembered, and he can survive being burned.

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