Grant Ward
There is no more Ward...there is only the Hive...and the Hive shall grow to cover the world beneath my heads...Hail me.
Vital statistics
Position -Head of HYDRA
Age 32
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 6′ 2″
Weight 172 lbs
Grant Douglas Ward was a HYDRA mole within  SHIELD. Ward was ultimately and solely loyal to John Garrett, to whom he dedicated much of his adult life. Ward was totally loyal to Garrett and was fundamentally reliant on Garrett for orders, finding it diff

icult to make significant decisions on his own. When Garret died, Ward began to find new purpose in life, and even fell in love with Agent 33. When SHIELD caused him to accidentally murder Agent 33, Ward rejoined HYDRA as one of its new leaders.

Gideon Malick later became involved with Ward's plans upon Werner von Strucker asking him for help, which led to the HYDRA heads uniting under the common goal to free the organization's true master, the Hive, from Maveth, which, in turn, led to Ward's murder of Rosalind Price to spite Coulson, his own death by Coulson's hand, and his final transformation into the vessel of the Hive.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Ward has shown himself to be a very skilled fighter, having top combat scores.
  • Multilingual: Ward speaks six different languages which include English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish.
  • Expert Spy: Grant has the best espionage scores after Natalia Romanoff.
  • Expert Marksman: Ward has extensive training with a variety of small arms, and is an accurate shooter with most of them.
  • Skilled Seducer/Manipulator: He is skilled in the field of seduction and manipulation, such as allowing things to get intimate with Agent May because she was a threat to him. The only reason he became Skye's S.O was to understand the way she works.

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