Groot 2


Groot is a flora colossus from Planet X. At some point he became partners with Rocket and became a bounty hunter. On Xandar he and Rocket met Peter Quill and Gamora. They were trying to turn in the bounty on him when they all got arrested for causing mayhem in the streets. They were sent to the Kyln prison where the four met Drax. Upon learning that Gamora was planning on selling the Orb of Morag to the Collector at Knowhere for forty billion Units, the four agreed to break out together to split the money.They later made it to the Collector and attempted to sell it, only for a slave to unexpectedly blow up the facility. After this he later participated in the battle of Xandar, only to sacrifice himself for his friends. He is now slowly regenerating into his full grown self.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Flora colossus physiology: Groot has abilities native to his species:

  • Strength: Groot's tree like form provides him great strength. He is the strongest member of the group, being able lift many heavy objects including several men on just one arm.
  • Durability: Groot's hide is composed of wood dense enough and durable enough to make him immune to most conventional weapons, including gunfire and fire which would consume most woods. He can endure the loss of entire limbs apparently without experiencing pain.
  • Cellular regeneration: Groot has an amazing healing factor and has been shown to be able regrow everything from a missing limb to his whole body.
  • Spores: Groot has the ability to produce tiny phosphorescent spores that float through the air and offer enough ambient light to illuminate a small area.
  • Plasticity: Groot has the ability to stretch his limbs for long distances and reshape them for a variety of tasks. He normally takes the shape of a large tree-like humanoid, but can also weave his limbs into a dense tangle of vines. Individual pseudopods can be grown at will, to act as fingers, as rudimentary tools, or even bud a small flower.

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