Tony Masterson was an English professor who was exposed to gamma radiation. As a result of his exposure half his body was vaporized, earning him the alias Half-Life. He also was given the ability to absorb energy. Half-Life was later taken to AIM, where he was outfitted with cybernetics to enhance his powers. He then became a puppet of the Leader.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Half-Life, Masterson has the ability to drain the life-force of others through his touch (even to the point of death) and absorb it into himself. Like a vampire, Half-life is dependant on such energy for survival. If Half-life tries to drain the life of a person who was granted powers by gamma radiation, Half-life drains the powers of his victim instead, transferring them to himself. Gamma-powered victims may recover quickly, however, and Half-life loses such power at a similar rate.

Half-life is very difficult to injure or kill. He has proven to recover from battles after being left for dead, and for the body parts that survived the mutation if they are detached, they can move independently while still under Half-life's control, and can re-attach themselves. He also wears cybernetics provided by his master, the Leader, which provides him with phenomenal invulnerability, able to withstand blows from even the Hulk.

Equipment Edit

Cybernetics provided by the Leader

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