Clint Barton was a agent of SHIELD under the code name Hawkeye and a member of the Avengers. After SHIELD was fragmented we rejoined the Avengers to stop Ultron and HYDRA. after the final battle against Ultron he left the team to be with his family.

Abilities Edit

Extreme Targeting: He possesses an intuitive aptitude for targeting that is reflected highly in his ability to hit distant targets, and is also useful in identifying and tracking one target among many.

Marksmanship: Clinton Barton is a skilled marksman with an exceptional ability in archery. His aim is such that he is able to send an arrow into a moving targets with pin point accuracy. He is versatile with the kinds of missile weapons he employs, and possesses an exceptional accuracy with thrown darts.

Martial Arts: Barton is a competent martial artist, and fights with a style that occasionally employs his bow as a melee weapon in addition to his more conventional attacks.

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