Denton Phelps, also known as Hellrazor, was a mercenary terrorist working for Ulysses Klaue as part of his crime gang operating out of South Africa. During the Age of Ultron, Phelps participated in the Battle of the Salvage Yard against the Avengers, managing to flee with most of the other surviving soldiers while the heroes were preoccupied with the Gifted Twins trickery. Later on, after Klaue was recruited into HYDRA and treated for his wounds with the application of the bionic sonic emitter gauntlet, the rest of his mercenary troopers, Phelps included, were all recruited and signed up for cybernetic experimentation or armor weaponry fitting. Denton Phelps, in particular, received a pair of technorganic gauntlets equipped with razor blades and a loaded pack of sharp razor bullets, and was thus made part of Klaue's super criminal team intended to seize Wakanda for HYDRA's plans.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

Hellrazor’s primary weapons area pair of technorganic gauntlets which have sharpened edges, and could also fire a set of sharp razors.

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