While attending college at Empire State University, Eddie McDonough made friends with fellow students Johnny Gallo and Cassie St. Commons. McDonough was later approached by the legendary superhero, the Whizzer, to join a team he was putting together. McDonough was given the identity of the Hornet, McDonough agreed in part because the armoured suit restored full mobility to his palsied right arm. Johnny and Cassie also joined the team as Ricochet and Dusk, and they were joined by a fourth member, Ritchie Gilmore, Prodigy, to form the team along with other members dubbed Young Avengers.

Abilities Edit

McDonough was an expert mechanics who was able to modify the old armor so that a normal non-superpowered human could wear it. He also the modified suit's right hand so that it would work like a normal hand concealing his disadvantage.

Equipment Edit

  • Hornet Suit: McDonough's mechanical costume increased his strength and gave him the ability to fly. Also provided him with protection enough to resist small arms fire.

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