Skull robot

Horst Eisele-in protoype HYDRA armor (armor should be painted in green)

Horst Eisele is a high ranking member of HYDRA who served under Wolfgang von Strucker. During the Avengers' raids on Strucker's HYDRA facilities, Horst took action and stepped foward to face the might of the Avengers while wearing a HYDRA armor prototype. Horst then battled Captain AmericaIron Man, and Thor. When reinforcements arrived, the Avengers united proved too much for Horst, as his armor was rendered inoperable by their combined firepower and Hulk's attacks.

Horst himself managed to escape the armor, but before he could be captured by the Avengers, he bit his cyanide tooth capsule and committed suicide.

(Armor and interior lighting should be in green with the HYDRA logo located either in the chest or armpads)

Abilities Edit

Armor enabled him to simulate Super-Strength, and Flight.

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