Hydro Man

Hydro-Man without his armor

Morris "Morrie" Bench gained his superpowers while working as a volunteer test subject for Oscorp.'s experiments in creating sub-dermal hydrogen dioxide armor though water molecules injected into the skin by means of a powerful experimental generator.

The combination of unknown radiation, water molecules, and ocean-dwelling bacteria added to the mixture caused Morris to transform into a living being made out of water, thereby designating him from then as the Hydro-Man. He was later approached by Green Goblin to serve as a member in creating the Sinister Six for Oscorp.

Elemental battle and captured by sheild

eventually Bench was sent by goblin to attack nick fury who was under spider man protection which he happily accepted so he snuck attacked the confence he was at and when spidey damaged his armor hydro man unleashed his water form and prepared to drown him when fury called in the Calvery who turned out to be the sand man flint marko who after a close fight hit hydro man where his soul was stored causing him agonizing pain and making hydro man revert to his human form sand man than went to finish it but spider man said not to as he just needed help flint would have attacked but felt best to leave so he vanished with the wind while hydro man was taken to the vault for imprisonment

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Transformation - Water: Hydro-Man possesses the ability to bodily transform himself, in whole or in part, into a watery liquid substance of unknown composition. While in this state, his consciousness can control every droplet that comprises his body. Thus he can will himself to turn liquid whenever struck. (Presumably if he were to will just his torso liquid, his still solid head and arms would fall to the ground. It is not known if this would cause injury to his solid parts or not. The Hydro-Man can also propel the liquid particles of his body at great pressure in the same style as water shooting through a fire hose. It is not known how he generates the pressure to create this effect. Also he can harden his fist as if it were ice hard. Apparently Hydro-Man's liquid particles each possess some form of attraction for one another so that his disintegrated consciousness can draw all of the particles back into cohesion after total dispersal. It is not known if there is a limit to the particles' ability to attract one another. Nor is it known if there is a limit to how long Hydro-Man can remain in a completely aqueous state. Although he can merge with ordinary water, or use if to increase his mass, he does not gain mental control over this liquid as he does his own. Apparently, he has no difficulty reforming his solid physical state, even while fully immersed in water. Hydro-Man consciousness either resides in each of the billions of droplets that his body becomes, or exists in an intangible perhaps gas-like state. Since Hydro-Man can convert his entire head into water, and his brain is still capable of rational motivated thought, his brain can no longer be organic. It is probably that even in its solid state when it appears to be made of flesh, tissue, and bone; the Hydro-Man's body is no longer truly organic, it is not known if the Hydro-Man needs to eat, sleep, or eliminate waste products anymore. Recent alterations of his powers by the Wizard have enabled Bench to mentally manipulate water sources outside his own body, and have given him a finer degree of control over his own fluid form.

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Hydro-Man in his armor
Hydro-Man (ASM)